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Or, you can request route alternatives, and the 43LT will calculate the route to your destination for all four routing profiles.

You can also add your destination to your favorites, or search for POIs near your destination. You can search for POIs by name or within its 19 categories, many of which have subcategories including national brands such as Best Buy and Pizza Hut.

During navigation, the map view is fairly simple and uncluttered.

A graphic icon along with a "distance to turn" indicator is in the upper-left corner; the name of the next street appears across the top of the screen; in the lower-left, remaining distance, time left, and arrival time are displayed (or you can choose to display only one of the three).

Last year, Garmin introduced devices like the Editors' Choice–winning nüvi 265T with a built-in traffic receiver and advertising-supported free, lifetime traffic.Nextar has adopted the same live traffic model with its new 43LT (9.99 list), and also packed in a 480-by-272-pixel 4.3-inch screen, Navteq maps for all 50 states (but not Canada), and an upgradeable database of 1.6 million points of interest (POI).The 43LT is an impressive—if imperfect—bargain that's perfectly in line with Nextar's other value-packed devices like the 0 Q4 and the 7-inch-screen-equipped 0 SNAP7.The 43LT includes lane guidance as well as highway signs.The default Navteq "Susan" voice provides text-to-speech directions with street names at appropriate distances before each turn.

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Different navigation devices are compatible with different updates and extras.

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