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Despite Mark Sanchez’s league-low 52% completion rate and league-high four red-zone interceptions, the players believe he should remain the starter over Tebow, who has accounted for only 132 total yards and averaged seven offensive snaps per game. We don’t really have a choice.” When asked about the team’s two other quarterbacks on the depth chart as possible alternatives — Tebow and Greg Mc Elroy — Slauson clarified that the Jets really have only one other quarterback. When the Jets signed Ricky Sapp off the practice squad last week, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine said Sapp would serve a similar role to Maybin’s.

It is full from start to finish (the calendar, not my brain) of safe, soft-focus shots of Owen sitting in what looks like a rich aunt’s living room or a mid-range wedding venue, wearing a variety of dull but well-made button-down shirts.

Frankly, nothing Owen has done in the 18 years since then has done anything to change my mental image of what he must be like off the field.

Even now, in my mind’s eye Owen could quite happily spend an afternoon at home sitting silently in his living room – lots of beige, paintings of horses on the walls – or mumbling a little running commentary to an empty room as he plays snooker against himself, taking enough genuine satisfaction from his eventual hard-fought victory to put him in a great mood for the rest of the evening.

It was clear from early on that Owen was different.

It is hard to imagine him in the infamous white suits the side had worn for the FA Cup final less than a year before Owen’s debut, and impossible to imagine him dating a Spice Girl and becoming a tattooed fashion icon, like rising Manchester United star David Beckham.

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Watching through the videos of Owen’s goals, it is incredible how often you think “well he must have been offside there”, before realising that he’s just that damn fast. Owen played like the most accomplished rugby league wingers, springing into action from nowhere to take possession before streaking through on goal at phenomenal pace and delivering an unerring finish past the onrushing goalkeeper.

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