Picts dating strathclyde

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Picts dating strathclyde

Later works by Skene etc are worth reading, but the modern writers such as Mc Hardy, Clarkson & Cummins offer more balanced views.Davit Broun, in 2008, wrote that Cinaed mac Alpin's descendants may have been in origin a Pictish royal lineage, but simply had a Dal Riata lineage attached. Cummins goes to great lengths to highlight the anomalies.An Iron Age/Beaker folk Iberian link is also on the agenda.Maybe they were a small group of people who came to Scotland in the Bronze-Age from the Steppe.Problem here is, Mc Alpin wasn't a pict, he was Dal Riata and attacked the picts, so keep flipping rocks there and maybe something will "turnip".If you read Bede and Gildas you'll see they approach the subject with a certain bias.There is no evidence these snps are picts, they are probably Normans who settled in NE Scotland, not even really Scottish :) Well said. Not sure how you go about arguing against someones fantasy and wishful thinking but they continue to post this rubbish with zero basis in fact other than a few guys migrated to an area perhaps a pict lived, although no one has a clue what haplotype the picts were.I guess it ok to dream, it seems to be they are the only ones buying into this so, fair enough.

He points out that some 0.5% of British men are in the R1b-S389 group, and feels it should be included on ISOGG's tree. Jim states that it is "very Eastern Scottish, focused on central Scotland & Aberdeenshire, with instances in Fife & E Lothian".

The Mac Gregors are said to descend from the House of Alpin - Kenneth Mc Alpin- The so named 'Pictish Kingdom' 840 CE- 1030 circa in Alba . Wilson continues, with no basis in fact to the picts.

There are other SNPs that have been in Scotland far longer but I guess since they don't match Wilson, they can't be possible candidates.

I'd be fascinated to see any facts to back your claim.

Big Y results are showing some fascinating links between surnames & locations which MAY prove vital. If you read Bede and Gildas you'll see they approach the subject with a certain bias.

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