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It turns out this piece of internet comedy has a lot to say about male sexuality, female sexuality and victim blaming. [Content Note: Discussion of rape, guns and victim blaming] The video opens with a mad doctor scribbling on a white board. Hack is the master of TV formulas–the formulas individual TV shows use from episode to episode.

Here’s his formula for Power Rangers: Teens Monster Giant Monster Giant Robot. Hack: Fourteen year old girl acts stupid, using magical powers to look slutty and stupid, talking cat tells her how to fight crime because she’s so stupid, surround herself with smarter girls that make her look even more stupid– is stupid and slutty. In this vintage Dateline Sailor Moon report, I noted that the reporter’s first words to describe Sailor Moon are “blonde bombshell.” Nearly 20 years later, Nostalgia Critic replicates this double standard–Power Rangers get to repetitively fight monsters whereas Sailor Moon just gets to be repetitively stupid and slutty.

I just recently found out that the Nostalgia Critic is for gay marriage. But this is (mind you this is from IMDB so he may or may not have said this) a quote he made. If you look at groups like his or red letter media they are comprised of about 90 percent hipsters so its going to happen. The only group I can think of that does riffing that are not liberal are the guys from mst3k surprisingly.

"I try not to get into too many political issues, but I have no problem stating I am very pro Gay Marriage. I'm not fimiliar with this entertainer, but I don't understand the suprise.

But now I wont look at them the same way (or him for that matter) anymore.

After reviewing the English dub’s opening credits, Nostalgia Critic continues his review by giving a brief overview of the cast of characters.OK, so take out the fact that it’s no way battle armor, take out the fact that it’s obviously fan service, take out the fact just like He-Man somehow removing more clothes bizarrely disguises them–though to be fair both these outfits is the face really the first thing you’re going to be looking at?–Take all that away and just tell yourself, this obviously sexualized transformation that takes up a solid minute in each episode happens to a 14 year old girl.He then spends a considerable amount of time dissecting the transformation sequences.Nostalgia Critic: And, of course, this gives way into the famous transformation scene–the tiara, the boots, the nail polish-later covered by gloves so that was pointless–and of course, the mini skirt.

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