Nam dating site

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Nam dating site

I think with his past costars he was just really glad that everyone could get along. Isnt it too obvious to flirt with your costar in this way esp if you want a serious r/s with the future mother of your is true he is more acting like a child around njh, more relaxed and touchy yes but put all his ideal type to njh? what we see all these time is only sweet BTS and hot pic of scenes not mention how hot romantic the scenes are...And these are all his popular dramas he has been lead in,except this so called rumour was before he got popular and started getting lead roles, I knew him from his supporting actor days and he is yet to date his costar,you are probably confusing him with the "serial dater" Lee dong gun i think he's very playful and i'm glad he found a costar that make him feel at ease to do so..and he seems to be flirty around women, so i can't tell if that's something special there.Meet quality singles in your Vietnam area or worldwide (US singles, Canada singles, UK singles, singles in Western Europe and Australia) looking for online dating, friendship, love, marriage, romance, or just someone to chat or hang out with. There are NO COSTS for any feature at Connecting Singles.

I have been living Bangkok last couple years Have travelled quite a few countries, Iam ex Military, have worked a few jobs after mi I'm in this dating site for few years. Im quite noisy & childish sometime so please be patient to me. please give me chance to approve I am a told woman lovely, and sometimeshy with man,i never maried but i have a baby 1 year old,i an Vietnames but i will never love a nam Vietnam becouse them give many sad I wish have 1 ture love can take i and baby go far Need just only one who c Im serious looking for a true love to leading to married. I think Age is not important to me , the most important is find someo Are you Ready?I never heard about that and he hasn't dated any of his costars as far as we know.He didn't date ha ji won,yoona,jin se yun,yoon so-yi,park min young.what about how is their interaction OUT of filming site (did someone caught them hang out together for drink or coffee or something like that) and how they are interact in the event (did any video showing out of the event they are clingy to each other like glue something like he cant be separated from her even in event) and which is his 'private' life that he 'introduce' to njh... they have to worked everyday together with intense romantic scenes and remember he is a perfectionist, he probably wants a perfect scenes, he want a reward for what he works hard for so he probably needs to make the filming site fun, happy esp his costar as she is still young 22 gosh...heavy scene like deep kissings and bedscene are challenging for asian actress believe it or not.

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Not to long ago people were so sure he was dating snsd's yoona just because of bts videos of K2 and now nam ji hyun? But don't go too far because you know he'll do the same way with his costars in future projects too. Lol, I've watched BTS for all his other dramas (K2, Healer, & Empress Ki) and I agree that he's playful around his other co-stars but nothing like this. He seems more relaxed around her like he doesn't have to hold back as compared to his other leading ladies. I honestly agree that NJH seems like she fits his ideal woman perfectly but who knows what's the truth. Like some people mentioned, they ARE actors and this "BTS CHEMISTRY" could just be for the ratings.