Dating international church christ

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Dating international church christ

First, the group is exclusivist, claiming that the church is meant to be united in one association, divided only by geography.It teaches that any church that remains outside of this unified system, i.e., not under the ICOC’s leadership, is not a part of the “true church.” Such claims of exclusivity should raise a red flag.

The International Churches of Christ has a strict and invasive power structure that uses manipulation and indoctrination to control its membership.While none of these things are unbiblical (indeed, community, service, and friendliness are all excellent aims for Christians), the International Churches of Christ uses these virtues as a façade and manipulative tool to increase membership.Theologically, the International Church of Christ holds to the basic tenets of Protestant evangelicalism, but with two very important exceptions.Hey everybody this is my first post and I dont know what to write. I was recruited the second semester of my freshman year. Althought deep down inside I just dont want it to have been a cult. But anyway if you can keep up, my experiences are some what blurred.I graduated and it has been about 1.5 sense I left. I just hate that period of my life so much because, of the now.

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Many who have left the ICOC have reported that they experienced high-pressure, intrusive, and borderline abusive/spiritually manipulative tactics at the hand of the discipler they were assigned to.

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