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Let me explain more of what I am saying by defining the sources of love.

The three sources of Love Family, or instinctual love(Storge) – Most human beings have an instinctual love toward their parents and their children.

But two things bothered me reading this piece: 1) I disagree that physical attraction isn’t a valid consideration when searching out a spouse (as long as it’s taste you’re considering, and not society’s); and 2) The fact that she was blown away by the very idea that dating a non-conventionally attractive person could be okay says something troubling about the Instagram generation.

(Are they really just as shallow as they’ve been made out to be?

"I thought that’s where you start—you pick from the pool of people to whom you’re attracted, and see which of them meets your standards." Americo disagreed.

This is highest form of love, because it not based on feelings, or anything that the recipient of this love has done.

Often times they meet their spouse only a week or two ahead of when they are married.

In western culture many despise these types of marriages as dull or unemotional.

God never expects us to keep our physical attraction to our spouse, or to keep our feelings of love to our spouse. The Bible commands in many places that husbands and wives are to love one another”. But the love the Bible is describing is love that is made up of actions, not feelings.

I am not commanded to feel an emotional attachment to my wife, I am commanded to take actions of love toward my wife.

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This kind of love is almost 100% based on how much each person puts into the relationship, whether it is a same sex friendship, a dating relationship, or a marriage.

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