Cherry blossoms inc dating

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Cherry blossoms inc dating

—Rebecca Flint Marx Why go: Wooden Zen temples, lush gardens, tea houses and ancient palaces make Kyoto one of Japan's most lovely and tranquil destinations.

Thanks to its abundance of cherry trees, the former Imperial city is particularly beautiful in the spring, when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

Why go: Known as the Pink City thanks to its many rose-hued buildings, Jaipur is home to sprawling palaces and stunning hilltop forts.

Like most Indian cities, it's also crowded and chaotic, but the bustle just enhances its sensory appeal.

Why go: Prague offers a tableau of red-tiled roofs, fairytale castles and architectural styles that encompass everything from Renaissance to Cubist.

A traditional Japanese breakfast is delivered to your door daily. Where to eat: One of Kyoto's famed kaiseki restaurants, Yoshihiru Murata's Michelin-starred Kikunoi serves multicourse seasonal menus that feature delicacies like cedar-smoked barracuda fillets and sashimi served on chrysanthemum petals.Why go: A seaside paradise, the Basque town of San Sebastian is renowned for its pioneering, Michelin-starred restaurants and beautiful beach on the Bahia de la Concha.Art Nouveau buildings and wide streets provide an idyllic setting for famed restaurants like Arzak and Mugaritz.Why go: New York is deserving of all of the hyperbolic adjectives that come its way.Exciting, confounding and demanding of attention, it's arguably America's capital of food, fashion, culture and romance.

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Why go: With its cobbled streets, moody old buildings and dramatic scenery, Edinburgh has both history and charm to spare.